Your Options of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

04 Nov

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder that a lot of men suffer from, for many reasons. Going to a male reproductive health specialist is a must for men who experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Getting yourself checked up by these specialists is a must so they can determine if you have any other medical conditions like serious physiological issues, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. You will know if you are truly suffering from erectile dysfunction with the expertise that these doctors offer. Seeking appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment is the next step after getting a final diagnosis of this disorder. In this day and age, getting proper treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on many factors like your budget and need. According to studies out of ten men who experience some form of physical disorders, seven of them are more prone to erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering form erectile dysfunction then you need to consider going for acoustic wave therapy.

Getting this diagnosis means that you can choose from different Erectile Dysfunction Treatment options that are available out there. A popular method of treating this condition is to take oral medications. These medications should be prescribed by the doctor. Some men who choose this treatment approach go through the aversive side effects that the medication provides. For some men, they go through anxiety, palpitations, increased breathing, and hot flushes. That is why most men choose to undergo other kinds of erectile dysfunction treatment.

A variety of oral medications is utilized to provide proper erectile dysfunction treatment. For penile muscles to relax, these medicines work by stopping the breakdown of nitric oxide. By allowing the relaxation of these muscles, there will be sufficient blood flow to the male organ creating erection. Anything that has PDE-5 inhibitors not only provides adequate flow to the penile veins but also increases one’s sex drive up to 36 hours.

There is also the erectile dysfunction treatment option that utilizes the hormone alprostadil. It targets the muscles of the male organ by allowing proper blood flow and then creating erection. This hormone is directly injected into the male organ using a very fine needle. Men who suffer from low testosterone levels can also benefit from getting injections of this hormone erectile dysfunction treatment. Take a look at this link: for more information about this topic.

Aside from invasive treatments and taking oral medications as erectile dysfunction treatments, there are still other options out there. There are also non-invasive methods like the use of vacuum devices to treat erectile dysfunction. These devices often come in plastic pumps where the male organ should be inserted. The male organ stands and swells when air found inside the pump will be pumped out of device. This allows for the men to proceed with his preferred sexual activity.

The use of acoustic wave therapy is another means of providing erectile dysfunction treatment. This treatment approach is non-invasive or does not require any surgery and is great for men no matter their age. It can be done as a standalone treatment or with other erectile dysfunction treatments.

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